It’s safe to say it we’ve all had that pang of embarrassment having to wear our older cousins hand-me-downs (thanks mum), however it now seems people just can't get enough with wearing second hand clothing and to boot sticking the big fat VINTAGE label across it.

The trend of shopping in second hand clothes stores and vintage fairs has worked itself up to a whole new shopping experience. A Weigh & Pay. Yes. You read that correctly. We’d not heard of such a concept of shopping until scrolling across it on social media. Founded in 2016, Weigh & Pay aimed to set up pop up shop events around the country selling high quality vintage clothing at a fraction of the price. The concept works on the basis that for every kilo of clothing you pick up, you pay £15. For a vintage-seeking clothes lover, what more could you possibly ask for?

The Weigh & Pay travels all over the country visiting cities each week with their pop up store events. We went along to the York Barbican pop-up to see what it was all about.

The store stocks both men's and women's clothes which are all neatly organised and tidy. It has a very grungy , basic vibe. The amount of assistants there to help, navigate, tidy and keep standards was particularly impressive. "I love it, It's so busy I love fashion and style,” says 43-year-old, Steve Smith, a casual floor worker.

Everything from shirts to shoes, hats to coats, bags to denim wear was on display. We arrived at 10am and paid £3 for an early bird ticket – a definite must-do if you want to avoid the crowds later on in the day. We were given a clear bin bag on arrival which we promptly filled to the brim. Somewhat like a vintage Woolworths pick ‘n’ mix where you squished all the sweets into your paper tub to get your money's worth.

There was scales that you could measure how much you were going to pay as you shopped, changing rooms and mirrors dotted around to. Later we rejoined Steve to ask him about the company and the work that they do.

"It's been busy every time I have worked here. This is the second time I have done it, it's so popular at the moment vintage stuff. It's all different types of styles that are popular, whatever catches on at the time.

This time it's the long denim dresses. Vintage fashion is always been popular but I think with the economic times people are biting the budget and going vintage. Sheffield is the most popular city due to the large amount of student population. We do Scotland as well. I think this will grow and get lots bigger,” he says.

So why do people love this new shopping innovation so much? Just ask online store director Thomas James.

"It's a great concept – stress free and easy. People love it because it's alternative and different. You can find some really unique pieces that no one else has."

If you're looking for a new experience and haven't yet mastered the vintage scene or you're a vintage, thrifting genius with the urge to jump on this edgy band wagon then we recommend you check out the next events on The Weigh & Pay Facebook page or go visit

Image: Weigh & Pay