Shepherd’s Bush has seen a regeneration of epic proportions in the past few years. The icon BBC House has been vacated, converted public loo and notorious basement bar, The Ginglik, lost its battle with the council and rent increase, and, the largest US inspired“Mall”, Westfield, was built.

If you bought into another Americanism and used high school yearbook logic, Shepherd’s Bush would probably have been voted ‘least in-vogue’ so, it is particularly impressive that fashion’s royalty, Vogue, will we celebrating its Jubilee with afternoon tea and Champagne L'Orchidée in Westfield London's The Village.

For three months this Summer, Vogue Café will be displaying its historic and iconic covers from the past 100 years, including those of fashion royalty Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne and, more recently, actual royalty in the form of the Duchess of Cambridge.

"2016 is an exceptional year for Vogue, and continuing the centenary celebrations the Vogue Café will be a perfect stop-off for shoppers in The Village at Westfield," said Alexandra Shulman, Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue.

Just in case we forget, fashion is not built on couture alone, so, to celebrate with style two original cocktails have been created. Vogue 100 Punch and Vogue 100 Champagne, cocktails to be quaffed by the well healed and fabulous.

Now - 25th September

Westfield London, Ariel Way, London W12