Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen hosted the return of The Vending Machine Art Gallery this January, an exhibition and affordable art project focused on bringing art out of traditional gallery spaces and making it more accessible.

Working with a diverse collection of over 35 emerging artists, the return of the Vending Machine Art Gallery will showcase artistic interpretations around the theme of ‘Celebrating Multiculturalism’ to audiences outside of the typical gallery demographic.

Supporting the notion that immigration and multiculturalism can and frequently do, stoke the fires of creativity in Britain, this collection of works explore the global and ethnic influences that surround us every day. Diversity that should be revered rather than shunned, celebrated within the art world and crucially, accessible to all. Prints start from just £20.

Artists include:

Graffiti Style legend CROK

East London Street Artist Anna Laurini

Former Zoltar the Magnificent designer Kieron Livingstone

Fashion designer Sam Cotton - one half of Award Winning Menswear Design Duo Agi & Sam 2016 Secret Walls Winner Hatch

Obviously, when we think vending machines, we can’t help but rewind through our past interactions with the aforementioned technology and, despite the tangent being utterly frivolous, we had to talk to the creators, curators and collectors that come attached to The Vending Machine Art Gallery and ask…

You have 50p, what do you get from the vending machine?

‘The obvious answer is Frazzles. Nothing can beat a corn based bacon flavoured snack suitable for vegetarians. And at the sweet price of 39p you have 11 pence left that you should turn into pennies and leave them strategically on your walk, queens head facing up, to bestow good luck on strangers. But you knew this already.’ Curator, Thomas Bird

The exhibition runs until Sunday 25th March 2017.