The Skateroom fuses the energy of the contemporary art world with the dynamism of skate culture, inviting artists to create limited edition artworks on skateboards. The proceeds of the initiative go towards supporting non-profit projects around the world to empower, educate and entertain children through skateboarding and art.

This Christmas, The Skateroom’s creatives have unveiled gifts for art lovers, a selection of limited edition contemporary works by renowned artists such as Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Ranging from entry-level prices from just €160, to hand signed collectors’ items and exclusive collaborations priced at €4,850, there’s a deck for every art aficionado.

The Skateroom is an active and expanding social entrepreneurship whose main purpose is to help affect change, and, one such NGO is Skateistan.

Skateistan believes that the community-building effects of skateboarding are especially powerful in Afghanistan, which has experienced over 30 years of ongoing conflict and social dislocation. Operating as an Afghan NGO, Skateistan builds trust among youth and develops their confidence, leadership, and life skills.

Just one year ago, Skateistan launched a new initiative, Citizens of Skateistan. The international community of supporters, skaters, students and staff, who united together to support skateboarding and education around the world. CoS is a platform designed for a growing global community, the stories of staff and students from the lands of skate in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa. Many of our staff members started as students, and have gone through Skateistan's programs or become Youth Leaders and are now Educators, who the new students look up to.

image: Hamdullah Hamdard Kabul