Preparation is key when it comes to a being a girl about town or a devotee and slave to Fashion Week.

London is an unpredictable city, a metropolis that can see you running for a bus or posing on a red carpet, but the most important thing to remember is innovation is key.

Tanya Heath is Canadian born, Paris inspired. Heath, like many, didn't begin life as designer, her fashion ‘moments’ and fashion faux pas’ have inspired TANYA HEATH Paris – a unique concept that allows woman to create a unique pair of shoes that reflects life with the simple click of a button and the change of a heel.

For Tanya, women should have the freedom to be fun, bold, serious, sexy, nurturing, strong, playful, powerful, caring, smart and so much more. Tanya admires and observes the modern woman and this is the woman she designs for.

Today TANYA HEATH Paris is gearing up to open boutiques around the world serving up a range of pumps, sandals and boots that can be transformed throughout the day. The genius secret to Tanya’s success? Removable heels. To date, six heels and heights are launching, coming in several different heights, shapes and colours so that whatever the day brings you're set.

Not content with solving the ever-troublesome flat vs heel conundrum, TANYA HEATH Paris has a new innovation on the horizon. Should you have an event or you absolutely want to match a heel to a purse or something special in your wardrobe you can now drop by one of HEATH’s new stores and consult with a heel creator who will then make you a custom couture heel to match your wish or whim. You can sit back enjoy a coffee and wait for it to be crafted. Sorted.

Every day you are many women, and TANYA HEATH Paris has a heel for all of you.