For anyone old enough to think of cocktail parties and car keys in a bowl, or young enough to think BDSM and Tinder, the concept of swinging is on your radar.

London’s quirky underbelly is home to The Institute of Competitive Socialising, an organisation designed to indulge and entertain all manner of fun.

The latest creation to sit the scene is Swingers. For those with filthy and salacious minds, shame on you. Swingers is a stand up kind of establishment where your swing is matched with street food, cocktails and crazy golf. There’s two bespoke nine hole “crazy” golf courses – for which there is a score app, obviously – five cocktail bars, three of London’s best street food vendors – Pizza Pilgrims, Patty & Bun, Le Bab – and a two-story clubhouse with gin terrace.

Swingers is a Twenties-themed country golf club. Think English summertime: woven picnic baskets and lashings of alcohol laden ginger beer.

When is our tee time?