I’m not sure that few things make me quite so giddy as getting grubby and covered in grass stains. I am a country mouse, through and through, and, despite the fact I live in London, I have the greatest of luxuries, a garden.

Before I continue, I want to strenuously confirm that I love my friends and my family and, mostly, my puppy Hooley, very very much. My heart belongs to beetroot, string beans, courgettes, and tomatoes to roses and fig trees, magnolia, primroses and forget me nots. I have raised beds, window boxes and a composter. Yes, I’m a gardener.

Seeing as though I have already unburdened myself of geekiness, I will also reveal that, before I ventured over to Box Park this fine weekend, I had to make Subversive’s, Vanessa, promise to cut me off and not allow me to depart for SW London with every piece of wizardry available!

I'm hardly cool enough for any of the fine institutions that I attended, and, I’m sure that I am not remotely cool enough for East London, but, for The Subversive Gardener’s products and a healthy dose of guerrilla gardening, I’ll ride the no.11 bus anytime.

guerrilla gardening

The collection du jour is Tools for Her, a trio of brass nail dusters that can be used as a spade, rake and shovel in urban gardening does, however, come with a little nod to the city girl in most and the one that, as everyone I know seems to say I need to embrace, each tool is paired with nail polish and seed varieties to stylishly integrate gardening assaults into the guerrilla gardener’s daily routine.

My gardening routine is a healthy water each morning before the sun rises and each evening when the plants return to shade (no water on MY leaves in the midday sun to burn), but, for Vanessa and the goofy looking smile she provoked, I’ll give it a whirl.

So what's next? The Subversive Gardener is planning additional pop-ups in other international cities. They will also continue to be an ally with the guerrilla gardening movement to bring green spaces to urban centres. That's enough to make us get green fingered.