For the CLIC team, the peaks and troughs of launching a new platform have been mind boggling and, at times, extraordinarily frustrating. So, we have massive respect for the creatives, thinkers and gamblers who are following their passions.

Shiny new social media platform, Stated! is one such creative adventures.

Stated! is the brainchild of Glaswegian based duo Ryan Prentice and David Brownlie and is designed to offer users a space to create and share their favourite quotes using imagery, filters and typefaces of their choice. The app is the first in its field to operate as a fully-fledged social platform - creating a fun and easy way to discover and share quotes that mean something to its users. It features user profiles, hashtags, trending topics, location tagging and one-click integration with all your major social platforms and, extra brilliantly, it’s free to download and use.

Ryan Prentice, co-founder of Stated! launched the app on 1 June with a suitably savvy soundbite:

“Whether you are quoting your favourite business leader on LinkedIn, live tweeting a speaker at an event or sharing a meme on Facebook, quotes are such a huge element of our social media lives. We recognised this and wanted to create a more powerful and engaging way for our users share the quotes that mean something to them.”

Secretly, our favourite sentence that accompanied the launch was the least techy of the lot. It speaks to the passion and drive behind Stated! and makes our creative hearts swell.

“First and foremost, Dave and I have built a product that is useful in our everyday lives and we hope others feel the same when they start using it”