Hotels are hives of innovation and activity these days. The trends and evolution of a hotel’s function have migrated with the times and, we now need and expect more from our hotel experiences.

While the yanks have long been using and delighting in the luxurious and slick hotel hotspots, we have slowly seen the once unfriendly shells turn into hangouts, bars, workspaces and community hubs. Now, far from the clichéd 'gift shops', hoteliers are teaming up with traditional retailers and forward thinking curators to create breathing retail spaces and immersive ‘showrooms'.

Fashion brand Scotch & Soda has just unveiled an apartment, available to rent on Airbnb as part of its campaign ‘Story of Things'. When booking the apartment, Airbnb’ers can submit their clothing sizes and a wardrobe of Scotch & Soda clothing is awaiting them when they arrive.

Next up, taking the try-before-you-buy model one step further, West Elm has announced it will be creating an initially US line of boutique hotels in collaboration with hospitality company DDK. With interiors by West Elm, guests will be able to immerse themselves in the brand and purchase items from their hotel rooms before they checkout.

A brave new world for the buying obsessed.