Shiseido introduces new, natural skincare line WASO, designed for Millennials to encourage them to feel beautiful in their skin.

Natural beauty is something Shiseido aim to promote to women everywhere, through their products and campaigns. This new line hopes to represent the links between nature and beauty and embrace the beauty-from-the-inside-out concept.

“We believe that true beauty defies stereotypes and we believe in the power of the individual and the power of nature. We believe that all things beautiful come from nature.”

The collection will include products such as moisturisers, cleansers, creams and lotions to tackle common Millennial problems like skin dryness, oiliness and visible pores. All products are patch tested and made using safe, Japanese ingredients based on Shiseido’s own unique standards.

WASO will be available in some Asian countries and from July, will be available online in the USA with hopes to expand to different regions in the upcoming months.

Check out their Instagram page for more information: @waso_official