Quite clearly, although we may be British, we are not prudish when it comes to our sex-capades.

You don’t have to troll into the depths of cyberspace or shy away from the ins and outs of it, so to speak, as you gossip on a lunch break. We are, as a society, fairly well versed in the kinks and quirks, from dogging to BDSM.

I suppose it was only a matter of time until the booming erotica industry got a reboot, and so, we have the Robo Sex-Bot.

The newly developed and technological savvy apparatus hopes to revolutionise the somewhat grubby world of inflatable companions.

Leading expert in all things robo-sexual, Joel Snell, is calling us all out and challenging us to comment on the often untold tales of our haphazard, unsexy and disappointing human-on-human lovemaking.

Snell has highlighted that the rapid advance of sophistication in robotics means that we could very well see a drastic change in how humans interact between the sheets. What’s more, the practice of robo-love could very well become addictive and lead to the drastic evolution of notorious red light districts and its human sex workers.

Haphazard, unsexy and disappointing

The benefits of this revolution are endless, and reduction in STDs, governmental regulations to ensure safety and security for living, breathing hookers, but, as with all futurist developments, there are real world implications that run alongside the benefits.

Dr Kathleen Richardson, a researcher focused on defining the ethical use of robots at De Montfort University, warns that it could be very bad for our mental health:

“One of the first impacts of something like sex robots would be to increase human isolation, because once you try to tell people that they don’t need other human beings any more, one of the consequences of that is more isolation.”

In our current, real time worlds, this technology will spark great interest and debate, it will also become fodder for everyone with a pulse. As for our future reality, the traditional dynamic of relationships may just have a little more oomph and the start of robot marriages could be the norm as early as 2050.

People bizarrely marry all manner of inanimate objects, one chap recently married his pillow and a woman proudly admits to being ‘sexually and mentally’ attracted to a roller coaster. At least the sex-bot puts out.