Proud Chelsea has made quite a name for itself this year, boasting an exceptional collection of classic artists from the past 50 years.

Proud Chelsea held its summer party last week with the Image of an Icon exhibition. The collection was a who’s who look at the most iconic and influential faces from fashion, music, sport and film and, rather than restricting itself to one artist, showcased works from the photographers who were up close and personal with the muses and subjects that have been celebrated by Proud Galleries' throughout its 20 year history.

This unique collection, featuring iconic portraits such as Justin de Villeneuve’s stunning image of ‘Twiggy’, Andrew Birkin’s ethereal shot of sister, Jane Birkin and Michael Joseph's Hogarthian portraits from the Beggars Banquet shoot in '68 was truly mesmerising, but the greatest and indisputed jewel in Proud’s crown was a never before seen shot of The Beatles filming Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane by Mike Champion.

For those keen to walk down memory lane, Kings Road’s littlest gallery is the place to rest for a while and admire.