Pride Festival in London is the biggest LGBT parade in the UK which sees thousands of people celebrate and embrace their sexualities.

This year, the parade will take place on Saturday the 8th July from 1pm - 4:30pm, starting in Portland Place and making its way through the streets of London, ending in Whitehall.

As well as encouraging people to cheer on the parade, people are now also going to be able to join in at the final stage of the march in an attempt to ensure everyone can experience the parade and show their unity.

The range of people taking part in the parade is extraordinarily diverse, from musicians such as London’s Gay Mens Chorus and Symphonic Winds, to foundations and charities like National Trust and Naz and Matt Foundation. Even the armed forces will be there to support and celebrate the event.

The whole production is going to be an incredibly memorable event that combines the entertainment and originality of a festival with the concept of solidarity and unity.

Applications to join the full parade are now closed however entry to watch and experience it is free and available to any ages.

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