Fans of the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd have the chance to experience their hypnotic sounds in the form of an audio-visual journey at the Victoria & Albert museum this Summer.

From now until the 1st of October, music lovers can have the opportunity to experience a unique retrospective of the band with installations such as The Wire Cow from the anniversary of the Atom Heart Mother to the Flower Petal Mirrorball stage prop from 1973. Visitors will be able to view a range of memorabilia such as instruments, architectural drawings, graphics and artwork.

Once inside, you'll have the opportunity to discover behind the scenes of Pink Floyd’s journey. Travel back in time to the 60s, and learn about the staging and design process and how their music has affected so many people from inception through to the present day.

To make the experience even more worthwhile; put your earphones in and listen to your favourite Floyd album whilst appreciating the exquisite artwork V&A have to show.

Tickets range from £20-£24 and buyers also have the chance to purchase items from their online Merchandise shop as well. All of which can make your trip even more exciting. If you plan on attending make sure to take plenty of pictures, tweet the hashtag #theirmortalremains.