Are you a graduate employee? You're probably a low-paid trip hazard, wrapped in bubble wrap.

So I’ve been working in the ‘adult world’ for about eight months now – which is to say that I wear a suit , use Microsoft Outlook too much and sign my emails with varying degrees of British sarcasm. Best wishes, kindest regards, many thanks. I’m rarely optimistic, and rarely thankful.

Why? Because I’m a 22-year-old university graduate; my demographic are less the forerunners of British society and more the inconvenient, incapable and perpetually indistinguishable.

I work to my projects, not a strict timetable – I’m aware of my luck – and as an “infant,” my time and work flow is never as important as others on my team. My day-to-day is sometimes playing yes man to a series of bewildering banal requests for teammates who need a hand. Hold your horses, the problem isn’t that I receive polite requests for help, it’s that my tasks are considered less important than a trivial request to “write a tweet please” or “listen to the voicemail and take a note”.

Did you go to university and earn a degree? You’re still a child in the omnipotent world of your employer. Prepare to be given no challenges, no optimism and certainly no faith in your academic competencies.

Maybe the employers are scared? Maybe they’re begrudging enablers of a misguided youth?

I’m The “kid,” the “young one” and I’m often confused with the other university graduate on the team- our names may as well be synonyms.