Journey through fifty years of abstract art by American artist Mary Heilmann.

This summer the Whitechapel Gallery will present works from American artist Mary Heilmann in their ‘Looking at Pictures’ exhibition. Although based in New York, Heilmann’s art pays homage to her sunny Californian roots, using summery hues and often depicting abstract beach scenes, waves and swimming pools. It’s not surprising that her work often references water – her childhood training as a professional diver may help to provide some explanation.

Born in San Francisco in 1940, Heilmann also uses autobiographical allusions of counter culture of the 1960’s, popular music and New York poets as the inspiration behind her creations. Her relaxed approach to painting, a series of sweeping brush strokes and haphazard flourishes, leaves her paintings feeling fresh, almost surreal and nonchalant in vibe. The Whitechapel Gallery will display five decades of Heilmann’s paintings alongside ceramics and furniture.

June 8 – August 21