This summer we are heading back to the 1950’s drive-in cinema style, with Luna Cinema presenting a showcase of films on the big screen, located outdoors and under the stars.

Commencing in June and ending in October; there are many different locations in which the pop-up will be showcasing films. These include places such as country manor houses, castles and ruined abbeys.

Even though the majority of locations are based around London, the Luna Cinema is also advancing to places such as Leeds, Bristol, Swansea and even Edinburgh. So even if you’re not from London or surrounding areas, you are still bound to find a showing near you.

When it comes to the movie choice; you're are in for a treat. Luna Cinema is offering classics such as Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Ghostbusters, Grease and many more. All of which can be found on their site here.

Whether you are looking for a family day out, a trip with a few friends or a romantic date; this is a perfect way to spend your summer.