Louise Udin a.ka LOUUD is a Swedish artist based in London, currently recording her debut EP that will be released later on this year. Louise is, more importantly, a very welcome face in my world. I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with, despite her being on the road, and share a little look at her and LOUUD with you for #CLICsLIVENOISE.

Louise has always had a passion for music since a young age and has been singing in different bands and competed in singing competitions since she was 12. She attended Rytmus in Stockholm, a music school where artists like Tove Lo, Robyn and Icona Pop all have all studied. After she graduated from Rytmus she took a little break from music and focused on traveling and working. After two years of not really doing anything with music at all, she applied to BIMM London and she started her BMus Popular Music Performance course in September 2013. After mostly singing covers of other artists songs, Louise felt that she wanted to explore songwriting more and to start performing with her own music.

In May 2014, she put together a band made up by friends from BIMM London to play with her and a couple of months later they recorded her first single ‘High’. The band is made up by Craig Sellar on drums, Isabel Torres and Rob Webb on guitars and Sam Cooper on bass. LOUUD has played in various venues across London including Under The Bridge, O2 Islington, 229 The Venue and Borderline. The sound is described as ambient pop with catchy melodies with a melancholy vibe and some of her inspirations are London Grammar, Banks and Tove Lo.

The first single 'Fools' from the upcoming EP is a catchy and melancholic pop song and is released this spring.

As always, we asked the very important questions…

When and why did you start playing?

I've been singing for as long as I can remember and I wrote my first song when I was 11. I´ve always loved music ever since I was a kid and even though my parents aren’t musicians, they always played music in the house so I think they´re the reason that music became my passion in life.

What band name alter egos have to tried out on your musical journey?

I went by the name Losec for a while in high school but it was very short lived, I did one or two songs. When I moved to London I came up with LOUUD that I created from my name and it just felt right.

What was the first tune(s) you learned?

Probably the songs from Grease and Dirty Dancing when I was five years old, I used to love those soundtracks growing up and I still do.

What is the most embarrassing album in your music library?

I don’t think I´m embarrassed by anything, I mean I have all the cheesy pop stuff like S Club 7 and Britney Spears from being a 90´s kid but I think those songs inspired me to want to write catchy songs to sing along to, so no shame haha!

How do you handle a fuck up on stage?

I pretend like nothing happened and just continue playing. There's nothing you can do about it after the moment has passed anyways so the show must go on!

Who or what is your ultimate influence, musical or otherwise?

Tove Lo has been my inspiration for years, she´s just always herself and she doesn't care what anyone thinks and I love that, she´s a power woman! And musically she's an amazing songwriter and singer. Her lyrics always hit home for me. But I have a lot of influences like JONES, Aquilo, Banks and Leon.

What scares you most in the world?

The future. Im scared of what kind of world our children will grow up in.

If you were a superhero, what would your super power be?

Invisibility. Could be fun to try that.

Where and when would you travel back in time to perform?

The places that I want to play are still happening, Glastonbury and Coachella are my dream gigs to play.

If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?

In my back pocket.

Which instruments do you play?

I play a bit of keys, not so good that I would perform but good enough to write songs which is important. But I definitely want to get better at it.

Crunchy or smooth?


If you could have anyone locked in a room so that you could torment them for a day, whom would you choose and how would you torment them?

Haha , Donald Trump. I don't know how but I wouldn't be nice to him, that's for sure, haha.

What was the last lie you told?

I can´t tell you that, then the secret is out