Apu Jan is London based womenswear designer renowned for bringing his catwalks to life by creating a fairytale world inspired by literature. This AW17 collection was no exception, entitled ‘From Here to There’ - a visual journey from this world to the other side of the universe.

Apu’s designs are a fusion of eastern and western styles with traditional oriental silhouettes given depth and texture through his innovative knitwear craftsmanship. The collection is structured with Jacquard, print and embroidery creating elegant lines in check, stripes and diamonds. The contrasting, layered materials representing the different doors and dimensions leading the audience on a path of exploration.

Following from the SS17 collection Apu has continued the use of signature knitwear statements, accenting the tailoring with oversize knitted headwear, remindful of the upturned bluebell hats often worn by fairies.

This wearable collection embraces the traditions of the orient, accompanied by western style and design. To encourage the audience’s fantasy journey the Apu Jan experience is showcased every year to the live accompaniment of DJ Questionmark, spinning soulful melodies with the aid of Jordan Pharoah and Douglas Pisterman a creative vocalist and flutist.