A celebration of food and drink is coming to Leeds and we couldn’t be more excited. Between the 11 - 28 of May, Leeds Indie Food will see a whole host of events that you can eat, drink and do.

Most of the events will be free such as School Diner, a three day mini-festival popping up at Chapel Allerton Primary School; Belgrave Feast street food party; and The Fun of Food – an interactive gallery experience seeking to explore the joys of food through unusual activities. You can attend other events by purchasing a ticket. Be quick though as some events have already sold out.

The festival also offers a Festival Passport to purchase on their site, which costs a mere £11. This passport allows you to get discounts on ticket prices as well as money off other events happening over the 17 days.

Whether you are a chocolate lover, passionate about food culture and cycles or just simply want to experience the wonders of street food; get yourself to the many locations in which they are operating.

All information can be found on the site as well the option to purchase tickets and even access their Merch Shop.