Newly launched UK-based eyewear e-tailer, Josh Fano, is on a mission to disrupt the designer eyewear market.

November saw a new Brummy designer and e-tailer embark on a mission. A mission to disrupt the traditionally inflexible eyewear industry. UK-based brand, Josh Fano, are reframing the way that the optically challenged see the world and are working to create quality, stylish glasses at a fraction of the price of their designer counterparts by cutting out the middleman to offer the best of eyewear without breaking the bank. By producing their frames in-house, Josh Fano are able to eliminate unnecessary costs such as licensing fees and deliver beautiful, ethically produced and 100% sweatshop free frames.

“Friends often complained about the small fortune they’d have to spend every time they bought new designer glasses from mainstream retailers and I was annoyed by the supply chain model these designer operated in, so I started Josh Fano as an alternative that was cheaper, but didn’t compromise on style and quality,” says Aditya Kasana, founder of Josh Fano.

All glasses are produced by experienced artisans in Italy and Greece, who share Josh Fano’s vision and passion in attention to detail. Using the finest mazzucchelli acetate and metal means they can promise world-class standards of craftsmanship.

Aditya Kasana, founder

“We’re incredibly passionate about delivering timeless, handcrafted frames in a wide range of styles and at a flat-rate affordable price, so our customers can look and feel good. As the new kids on the block we want to really disrupt the way the market is run at the moment, so people realise they can spend less money, whilst still getting beautiful glasses,” adds Aditya.

Before I committed myself to becoming an eye catching hipster I challenged Aditya to style an oh so uncool girl such as me.

“That's hard one. I don't exactly know your style but I would say clear frames are super trendy right now.” So, I sent Kas a snapshot of my style, and, in the blink of my eyes, I was the proud owner of new specs. Today, I am proudly bespectacled, and, I look pretty fucking cool to boot.

Josh Fano eyewear collection is available exclusively online on their website