Don your wellies and head to Hunter’s festival with a difference

As excitement and mischievous minds start daydreaming of festival getup and tent pegs, a new breed of festival is sliding its stylish wellied feet under the table and bringing word of a new festival hybrid. The brains behind The World’s Smallest Festival are the countryside’s elite, legendary wellington boot brand, Hunter.

Festivals are not for the faint hearted, in fact, depending on the alcohol to weather ratio, it can be a test of mental and physical grit. If one ran a poll across festival goers to see what the most grizzly part of their experiences would be, probability and experience would both, rather firmly, land on the portaloo. There is nothing sexy or noteworthy about portaloos. Or is there?

Hunter, arguably the most influential authority on all things countryside related, have set about transforming the nightmare bog in a box into a festival oasis, its tardis like construction complete with grass, mud and mystery headliners. In addition a GIF photo booth has been installed inside courtesy of GIPHY, including festival-themed filters and stickers which can be shared online. The festival was launched at Hunter’s Regent Street flagship store with a line-up including Hunter giveaways – think welly socks, umbrellas and ponchos as well as a secret bill of pop-up performances.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to step inside the world’s smallest festival? Just nip to the loo.