It turns out that, despite being frightfully proper, never talking money or politics at dinner and having to send thank you letters, we Brits actually want to down and dirty.

According to a global survey conducted by™ Mobile Travel Tracker, we’re turning into a nation of nooky seeking late night hotel stayers with 20% of people worldwide admitting to booking a same night hotel after a night on the town.

Proving that chivalry isn't completely dead, it seems that men are the keenest bookers (and bonkers), with over a quarter of them admitting they’d met someone on a night out that they wanted to share special cuddles with, and booked a hotel room for some alone time. In comparison just 10% of women admitted to checking into a hotel with a bedfellow in tow after a night out.

This global study of 9,200 travellers cross 31 countries reveals that our mobile phones are enabling this spontaneous stopover behaviour, as 1 in 10 people admitted that being able to reserve a hotel on mobile made them more likely to book a bed for the night to enjoy the company of someone they’d met on a night out.

“We have seen an increasing trend in people making more same day hotel bookings on mobile. It is easier than ever for people to book on the go and because we have hundreds of thousands of properties available on our site, there is often still a lot of choice for wannabe hotel stayers, even after 10pm at night,” said Dan Craig, Senior Director of Mobile at “Good news for those party people who want to end their night in a hotel, is that you can now book hotels up to 5am.”

The mobile app is available for IOS, Android and Amazon Kindle devices and has over 50 million downloads to date.