The hottest PopUp of the year is, unlike most other conceptual installations, one entirely uncommercial and somewhat controversial in nature. Unlike the majority of curators and directors willing to unveil such a radical project, the artist has no notoriety or prior decades of line towing that would bolster her from any backlash at its subject.

Harriet Horton is a 20-year-old largely self-taught practitioner of the macabre arts. Tired of the traditional presentation of taxidermy and as passionate as she is curious, Harriet lends the ancient art a surreal and contemporary pop twist.

Horton’s approach to taxidermy has always set out to explore animals in a foreign environment from their original habitat. The use of dyes and lighting allow a playful narrative to a medium that sometimes holds a macabre association. It’s this juxtaposition of organic material and neon lighting that has become her signature style.

Harriet Horton Neon Lighting x Taxidermy Pop-up Shop was the talk of town when it popped up in Mayfair this week, morbid curiosity and fascination drew acclaim and uproar in almost equal measure, and challenged every aspect of the ever changing art world. The youngster delivered something truly exceptional, an ethereal and unapologetic question mark and a gauntlet calling for better, bolder and braver observations and creations.

Horton lives and works in London and studied classical music as a child. She cites music as a major influence, working with music on a permanent loop.

“I work with light, music and sound, to me there is no distinction between the arts," says Harriet. “if it moves me and has authenticity.”

All her subjects are ethically sourced, something she is careful about, adding she ‘would never countenance killing an animal purely for the work’.

Horton’s striking and delicate approach to her work has seen an unlikely collaboration come to fruition. British style and creativity is coming together with taxidermy and tailoring, Burberry’s Ivan Ruberto has teamed up with Harriet Horton to create on concept book, due to be published in 2017. Stayed tuned.