The lives of Londoners has been both distressing and, perhaps surprisingly, inspiring over the past few weeks. In the aftermath of disasters on both sides of the Thames, communities have rallied and united to support those affected and devastated by tragedies in South and West London.

Whilst social media erupted with updates, aid and distress posts following the terrorist attack at London Bridge, a more old fashioned method of community spirit and charity began with The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation. Just days after the tragic event at Grenfell Tower, the charity spearheaded an appeal to help and support those affected as well as the local community.

As the full-scale of the disaster unfolded this week, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation saw an unprecedented response to the appeal and wants to thank everyone for their generosity.

he first and immediate response is to help with the desperate and urgent situation facing members of the community by releasing £100,000 to local, well-established organisations working on the frontline. This will be passed on in the form of payments to people from Grenfell Tower who have lost their homes or those who are displaced. These cash payments will help these people to receive the immediate relief they need in the coming weeks, whether it be for food, clothing, transport or any other essential items to help them at this awful time.

People in immediate can contact one of the many organisations now pledging their assistance to discuss their needs.

As the victims of the disaster begin the long and, no doubt complicated recovery, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation will be looking at the next steps to support those affected, working with the local community and voluntary sector.