Known for her magnified flowers, animal skulls and Mexican desert landscapes, Georgia O'Keeffe is regarded as one of the most prolific female painters of the 20th century, who drew inspiration from her surrounding to produce captivating paintings.

The trailblazer made her debut in 1916 and her mesmerising works sit alongside many contemporary artists of today. The Tate Modern will pay homage to this remarkable woman showcasing over 100 works that have never before been seen in the UK, most notably her Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1 - the most expensive painting by a female artist to ever sell at auction at $44m - in what will be the largest Georgia O'Keeffe exhibition to be held in the UK.

"This will be only the second major exhibition of O’Keeffe’s work in the UK with the last show taking place over 20 years ago, so this exhibition really offers a unique opportunity for a new generation of art lovers to see her work," said Assistant Curator of the Tate Modern, Hannah Johnston. "A key aim for us with this show was to position O’Keeffe as a complex and multi-faceted artist, and open up audiences to discover the full range of her output – she was more than a simple painter of flowers. The exhibition dispels the clichés that persist about O’Keeffe and her painting."

The exhibition will coincide with the opening of the Tate Modern's £260m extension. Georgia O’Keeffe opens on July 6 at Tate Modern and runs until October 30.