Soho’s The Photographers’ Gallery is set to open a new exhibition showcasing an extensive range of feminist art from the VERBUND COLLECTION in Vienna. Over 150 major works from 48 international female artists will go on display.

Titled Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s, the exhibition will present a range of photographs, collage works, performances, films and videos, all of which have helped to shape the feminist art movement. Works from established artists such as Cindy Sherman and Martha Rosler will be presented alongside influential pieces from Katalin Ladik and Nil Yalter. Each work of art, all of which were created in the 70s, will reflect the evolution of feminist movement and highlight prominent struggles, from gender equality to the civil rights protest, examining how each piece of art contributed to the public discourse of the time.

Co-curators Gabriele Schor, VERBUND COLLECTION and Anna Dannemann have sourced thought-provoking works that all represent the the mood of the 1970s and the way female artists began to look at female form in order to project their feminine identities - away from the masculine gaze and social constructs. The result is a provocative collection that prompts the viewer to question gender roles and sexual politics, not only from a bygone era, but also in contemporary society.

Feminist Avant-Garde of the 1970s will run until January 15th. Tickets are £4.