Facebook, the universal tool for freedom of expression and, frankly, inappropriately overshares. CLIC DIGITAL in no way wants to make antagonistic assumptions comments on this story, but to fear the repercussions would to us be betraying the very freedom that we support in the press.

On 10th July, a landmark lawsuit was filed, with inspiringly little fanfare in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. Five families were rocked and forever altered by extremist Palestinian attacks in Israel. The families, whilst battling with the care or mourning of their loved ones filed a $1 billion lawsuit against the social commentary platform, Facebook, alleging that the social network ‘knowingly provided material support and resources to Hamas’.

The lawsuit is calling for Facebook to be held accountable for their part in the planning and executing of attacks stating that, ‘Hamas has used and relied on Facebook’s online social network platform and communications services as among its most important tools to facilitate and carry out its terrorist activity’.

Held accountable

The lawsuit comes after Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan called Facebook a monster for not doing more to remove content believed to incite Palestinian violence. Leaders in Europe and the US have also called on Facebook and other internet companies to do more to police extremist content and propaganda from terrorist groups like ISIS.

Facebook did not directly comment on the case filed this week, but in a statement provided to Bloomberg, said it wants ‘people to feel safe when using Facebook. There is no place for content encouraging violence, direct threats, terrorism or hate speech on Facebook. We have a set of Community Standards to help people understand what is allowed on Facebook, and we urge people to use our reporting tools if they find content that they believe violates our standards so we can investigate and take swift action’.