As a general rule, I do not shop. My cantankerous nature combined with the virtual hustle, high street bustle and the ever-demoralising dressing room experience are a recipe for disaster. It seems that, while trends and seasons change, so do the sizes of garments in each store.

Newly launched app, EyeFitU is the latest export from start-up hotbed, Zurich. Now fully launched in the US and in the UK, the app has been made for women by one woman, CEO, Isabelle Ohnemus.

A former broker, Ohnemus left investment banking to turn her passion for fashion into something concrete, a new solution to the age old industry issue. EyeFitU now collaborates with hundreds of leading brands and online stores including Adidas, River Island, Gucci, H&M, Ted Baker, Farfetch and Net-a-porter to make shopping easier. EyeFitU is the first mobile app that helps you shop with confidence that what you are buying is in your ‘real’ size, bringing all of your favourite womenswear and menswear brands into one place.

A ‘smart’ learning technology allows EyeFitU to continue to ‘learn’ from billions of data points, matching clothes not only to measurements but ultimately to typical body shapes and style preferences globally. Via the app, users can browse through each online store not wasting time thinking about what will fit.

For the fashion forward, the gadgetry is a gift from the fashion gods, one user said, "I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who does their clothes shopping online. It’s great for making sure you’re buying clothes that actually fit. I didn’t know that clothes sizes varied so much!"

I’ll take my size shaming in the comfort of my own home now please.

Image: Adriana Tripa