It is near on impossible to consider and react to the topic of consent. The issue is controversial and inflammatory wherever and whoever you are.

At the Dorfman Theatre, however, the topic is being faced head on and invites the culture vultures of London to challenge their own bias.

Consent by Nina Raine will premiere in a co-production with cast and crew from Out of Joint at The Dorfman Theatre in April 2017 The National Theatre.The production is an immensely bold look at a social taboo, questioning the status quo and looking at the reactions of both victims and culprits in cases of violence and sexual abuse, however, the most daring focus is the practically unexamined perspective of the family, friends and peers affected by the actions of both the perpetrators and the accusers of the astoundingly important actions. The greatest attribute of Nina Raine’s play, Consent, is the balance of it’s opinion. The script reflects the societal conflict from every side and puts justice herself in the dock.

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