Being down with the kids is a tad more challenging when you are, well, no longer a kid. So, I often have to rely on my crack team of local yoof to explain things to me.

Aside from the startling resurgence of Pokémon, the latest trend for on the go lols is Carpool Karaoke.

I reluctantly admit that I may have found Jennifer Lopez texting Leonardo Di Caprio, Adele’s rapping and Michelle Obama and James Corden signing along to Single Ladies decidedly chuckle worthy, and it seems that I am not the slightest bit alone. Collective views on YouTube this week topped off over 830 million, a phenomenal feat for the creators behind the social sensation, but unfortunately is also catnip to the global “man” that represents Apple Music.

Whilst I’m sure that the geeks behind the genius are tempted to skip all the way to the bank, the decision to sell the rights to a spin off series of the craze has left fans with a bitter taste in there otherwise tuneful mouths.

Carpool Karaoke fans made impassioned and heartfelt songs to express their feelings about the change.

So while Apple actually do label their creatives and techies ‘geniuses’ we hope that they are fiddling too much, we love this simple idea, please Apple, don’t ruin it.

See James Corden's takedown here