As the UK wraps its head around the startlingly contentious EU referendum, the fallout begins. So unprepared were we, the impact of the Brexit vote is being felt in every avenue.

Despite the majority of Londoners openly voicing their ‘In’ EU views, the UK voted to leave the UK and its securities. Now, the pieces need picking up and a new normal needs to be established.

One can only imagine the think tank folk running around like headless chickens dreaming of the parliamentary recess being over whilst politicians are feverishly tapping on their blackberries from their exclusive sun loungers.

For a nation that left its chums for independence after voting “out” just weeks ago, the brainiacs that be are springing in to action. It is an unenviable task, London now has to shout about its openness form the rooftops, but, “protect itself” against heavy repercussions from those underwhelmed by the recent referendum.

So, where we go from here? In the wake of the result, a determination has emerged to assert that London is open – a statement at once defiant and optimistic, and grounded in culture as much as in economics. Discussions are, however, sure to be lengthy and contentious.

This week saw just one (the first of many one imagines) solution to support our uncertain future was proposed. A capital-specific visa. A London visa would not mean devolving decisions, but allowing the mayor and/or businesses to sponsor a certain number of visas, which would entitle their holders to live and work in the capital. The number of visas would need to be negotiated between national government and the city.

As the Brexit vote illustrated, there is a wide range of attitudes throughout the country – the task now is to acknowledge and learn from the ideas of the many, not just the few.