Unite for Europe, an umbrella group of remain campaigners, have organised a mass National March to Parliament on Saturday 25th of March in order to express their frustration at the prime minister’s decision to trigger Article 50.

The march has been arranged in order to mobilise those who voted against Brexit, as well as the millions of people in the UK who were not eligible to vote, including young people and EU nationals living, working and paying taxes in the UK. The march has been entirely funded through the support of over 3,000 supporters who donated over £76,000 via Crowdfunder.

“The government has asked for the opinion of a subset of the UK population, but excluded 16-17-year-old, as well as the many Europeans who have set roots, created families and built lives in the UK,” says Kieran MacDermott, Lead Organiser of Unite for Europe.

Unite for Europe hopes that the march will help to achieve some of their aims which consist of remaining a member of the Single Market, securing benefits that EU membership bring the UK and guaranteeing that EU citizens already living and working in the UK have the right to stay in the country.

Both Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs have pledged their support to the March with Liberal Democrat Tim Farron MP stating that he ‘looks forward to marching with people from all over the country and celebrating openness, cooperation and unity’. Likewise Labour MP David Lammy voiced his fears that ‘the impact of this hard Brexit at any cost has become clear’ and that ‘this is not in the best interests of our country’.

Both will speak at the march alongside Nick Clegg, actor Patrick Stewart and ex-politician and current businesswoman Linda Bellos OBE. The march is expected to see over 115,000 people attend.

For more information visit uniteforeurope.co.uk