Politics has been nothing short of shameful and demoralising. Democracy spoke in the US and, despite the terrifying prognosis of a world run by a bigoted, racist, sexist buffoon was dire, the masses declared Donald Trump President and leader of the free world.

There isn’t much to celebrate in the wake of America’s miscarriage of political justice, but, we have found a little gem to raise a smile.

The pounds are going to look after themselves as we adjust to a new “normal” and watch our pennines. Harking back to days of old, the pennies deserve their own place in the world, so we have found an option to celebrate and commemorate the farcical Trumpist era.

“We are proud to present the most American Piggy Bank ever made,” said BigglyBank creator, Samson Crouppen

Comedy was always our thing. That's why, in these turbulent times, we thought bringing some light and laughter to the table was much needed. The BigglyBank is a piggy bank in which you can store your savings. What makes it tremendous is its recognisable design and functionality. Each time you put a coin in BigglyBank it will produce, at random, one of 10 amusing voice effects that will remind you of someone very important and famous! It will lighten up your day and keep your change safe."

The BigglyBank is inspired by Mr President and offers some light relief and ballsy sarcasm to our lives. Not only does it celebrate the world’s best combover but the BigglyBank offers americanisms up the wazoo! The most American piggy bank ever made shouts out one of 10 tremendous voice sayings every time you stick a coin into its pursed pie hole. Drop a coin in and be amazed as you’re regaled with such sayings as:

“Obama, you’re fired!”

“Put your money where my mouth is.”

“Don’t worry. Mexico’s paying for it."

“Oh, that’s the money slot.”

We caught up with comedian and pundit, Samson Crouppen to ask the important questions of the day...

What's your manifesto?

Make Change Great Again!

Are you laughing or crying?

Laughing out loud, at ourselves. Laughing is a better choice

If could ask Mr President three questions, what would they be?

1:Do you want to tag out? Cause it looks like you need a break. More golfing

2:How do we get a table at Mar a lago?

3:Will you sign my BigglyBank

How would you solve the global debt crisis?

If everyone bought just one BigglyBank, we could afford to buy a Huuuge island and move everyone there to live for free

Stars or stripes?

Stars baby! Like a star, we burn bright

Visit the Kickstarter link below for videos that will make you split your sides with laughter, product specifications, and list of gifts associated with levels of pledges