A new work by street artist Bambi will be unveiled at the Million Women today as protesters gather for the March. Trafalgar Square's latest budding talent has earned her the nickname ‘The female Banksy’.

In a suitably rebellious move, the installation will taunt London's prim and proper by popping up at the base of the commanding and rather phallic, Nelson's Column.

Bambi is the pseudonym of a contemporary British street artist. Her works focuses on contemporary female identity and its relationship to patriarchal culture. She also keenly highlights political and social injustices. This is the first street work unveiled by the artist in recent months, and is the first of a series of works she has planned for 2017.

Known for her stencilled graffiti works, Bambi creates street art to offer social commentary and address political concerns, often through the depiction of notable contemporary figures, including Ai Wei Wei, David Beckham, and Boris Johnson as Winston Churchill.

Million Women Rise believe that violence against women and children is a global pandemic. Violence devastates the lives of women, our families, and our communities. This year is the ten year anniversary of Million Women Rise.

Bambi says “I think the work Million Women Rise are doing is fantastic. No more fear for women who can feel completely isolated and abandoned by society. We all live in close proximity but never know or ask what's going on next door. It’s an organisation that will give abused women a trusted space to share, speak openly and feel safe. Trust is everything.”