We are also keeping our eye out for the newest and most iconic of works created by some of the muses and inspirations we are proud to celebate and, this month, one such muse has washed up on Italian shores to confront and comment on the state of international affairs.

British street artist, feminist and rebel 'Bambi' has just unveiled her latest work, a piece which is inspired by the imminent and prevelant issue of comment on Climate Change and the social, environmental and political responsibilities that we face in order to understand and combat the growing threat. Bambi has ventured on to the European stage to coincide with the opening of the Venice Biennale in the hope of casting culture light on a landmark event.

The Pope Gives Us Hope features the Pope reaching out to a polar bear in a capsizing boat, the work is designed to reflect the Pope’s comments in late 2016 on climate change, and his call to end environmental destruction. A long term environmentalist, Bambi was further inspired after watching the issue driven documentary Before the Flood by Leonardo DiCaprio and Fisher Stevens.

The work can be seen at Ospizio Foscolo Santa Lucia in Fondamenta Sant’Anna 993/a, Castello 30122

A solo show of Bambi’s work can be seen at the Venice in a Bottle Gallery, Via Garibaldi, Castello 1794. The exhibition opened yesterday and stays on the Italian scene until 25 June 2017.