It seems that ping pong and bowling are firmly in the past, again. The dizzying fickleness of London’s cultural scene knows no bounds. The newest come back king of the old generation is BallieBallerson.

Play, rave and mess about with inflatable rings and foam toys in a chest high ball pit, reminiscent of youthful Tumble Tot days, now buried underground in London’s cool quarter, Dalston.

Graffiti and street artists have been given free reign over the walls and a veritable tuck shop has been poured into retro sweetie cocktails using ingredients such as Wham Bars, Dip Dabs and Pink Shrimp Foam. The kitchen pops up in theme dishes like beef meatballs in Yorkshire puddings and light fluffy pancake balls with maple syrup.

The hotspot isn’t just for our day to day teenage kicks, it also hosts Bottomless events with brunches, hide and seek, funk, techno, bass and balls.

You have to admire a venue that happily includes these in its FAQs:

How do you keep your balls clean?

Our ball cleaning machine GobbleMuffin can disinfect 18,000 balls an hour.

Can I just come and drink at the bar?

Yes, the upstairs bar is at street level and knocks out awesome retro sweetie cocktails.

Are drinks allowed in the ball pit?

We are starting by saying yes, and will see how we go. GobbleMuffin will be busy.

What are the rules?

Respect the other guests. Don't aim balls at people's heads who aren't in your group.

What if I drop my phone?

Let's hope you didn't leave it on silent...

The ball pit, quite literally, has Balls to the Wall.