Scotland’s favourite sea creature has moved

For the most part, we are overtly proud of our British heritage. We are a nation built on legends, strength and stoicism. Occasionally, we find ourselves drawn into discussions about cricket, killer bugs and convicts. Personally, I'm a huge fan of all three. And nowhere else could the British Commonwealth revel in all three but in the blisteringly hot and critter-crazy continent of Australia.

Now, Australia is the home of an exceptional collection of giant things – 59 things, to be exact. I have led an adventurous and rather enlightening life balancing my long-standing Travel, Crisis, Lifestyle and Music PR career with my love and endless curiosity. My journeys have taken me to 31 of the aforementioned 59.

As if making giant gumboots was not enough, Australia has branched out and created new, extraordinary things. Just two hours outside South Australia’s Adelaide, a phantom has appeared.

Scotland’s best-kept folklore captive has emigrated to a warmer climate

Clearly a man with creativity, Coopers Ale – yes that is his real name – has crafted, with little more than a few tyres and a pipe, a Loch ness Monster. The Australian version of Scotland’s famed ‘Nessie certainly needs a bit of imagination and some squinting, plus some good light, but it will definitely fool a few hapless folks into thinking that Scotland’s best-kept folklore captive has emigrated to a warmer climate. Though, naturally, it’s best viewed at a distance – pipes and tyres are less impressive, up close.

Aussie ‘Nessie was designed as a tourist attraction but, much like its closest giant object (the world’s largest rocking horse), there are not many tourists.

There is a certain ‘quirky-factor’ with regards to this tourist attraction, if you would dare call it that. At the very least you could perhaps win a couple of beers at the pub back home when you tell your friends you spotted Nessie in Australia – or you could be the pub fool, with a fondness for hot rubber and steel, who’s a bit short-sighted. Take your pick.