Angus Chiang presented an AW17 collection heavily influenced by the 90s pop and hip hop culture, with the bass lead electronic beats resonating off the cardboard catwalk from the get go. Chiang used the celebrity student culture of the nineties, where uniforms were customised to influence this season's design collection. Integrating the school uniforms and supplies of the 90s with distinctive acid neons producing a bold ‘schooldays’ style.

A contemporary menswear designer established in 2015, Chiang is inspired by Taiwanese culture, mixing humour and playfulness bringing his visions to life. After graduating in 2013 from Shih Chien University he went on to win the International Show Award in London Graduate Fashion week, with his daring and vibrant collection ‘Sailing to the Moon’. This is one of the main reasons Chiang has chosen to show at Fashion Scout again this year, despite his collection being menswear.

This season has seen the addition of suits to Chiang’s repertoire, reflecting the techniques used by Taiwanese students to customise their uniform. These suits were crafted out of denim, striped and fluorescent plain weave, shortening the trousers legs, and adding fun pleats and oversized shoulders. The quilting, expressive stitching and frayed edges accentuating the expression of individuality.

Humour and joyful spirit

A stand out feature of the collection are the messages, jokes and graffiti that students would normally write on each other's books or desks, woven, knitted and printed onto the fabric. The collection also utilises heart shaped symbols on the cut, collar and accessories. The accessories are a combination of school supplies and acrylic adding a mix of humour and joyful spirit to the collection, something Chiang is renowned for. The school satchel worn across the head, the oversized stationary earrings and the customised cricket jumpers being distinctive examples.

The use of colour is a continuation of his chromatic style, using neon pink as an accent in this collection. Artificial fur head pieces are seen throughout the entire collection to give the effect of an edgy, punky student hairstyle of the era. This inherits Jerry Lo’s distinctive look, a celebrity student of the time famous for bringing American culture to Taiwan.

The collection ended with a change of tempo and selection of quirky, nineties inspired tracksuits. Extremely wearable and left the audience with the desire to take a trip back down memory lane. Chiang’s collection is a fun, eclectic feast for the creative senses and the perfect start to London Fashion Week at Fashion Scout.