Those of you music fans out there who avidly follow the 4 piece Alt-J would already be aware that their new album, titled Relaxer, is soon to be released on June 2nd.

Since forming the band in 2007 at Leeds University, the threesome have come a long way, releasing three highly-commended albums.

To tease their fans, Alt-J have already released two songs from their new album titled 3WW and In Cold Blood. With a catchy indie summer vibe, w're sure they will be a sure fire hit at festivals and chilled garden parties alike.

If you access their online website (click it now, we insist); they have a super-cool graphic which released in promotion to their new album and allows users to play around with the keys and move around in a virtual world, with their new song 3WW playing in the background. You should definitely give it a try.

In addition, the site also gives listeners the chance to Pre-Save Relaxer as well as to purchase exciting new merchandise to go alongside of their cool new sounds.

Fun fact alert. Those of you readers who have an Apple iMac, type the ‘Alt-J’ keys onto a document and see what happens. This is what the creative and alternative band use as their main logo and what you see fans doing at concerts. Edgy right?