For all the complaining and criticising that we all do over the state of the NHS, it’s hard to imagine that we do, in fact, have a truly exceptional resource at our disposal. On British soil the possibility of free, immediate medical care is a given. So, when we pack our bags, what do we think will happen when the worst happens?

With cheap flights, travel packages and improved communication channels making travelling more accessible, STA Travel is seeing an increasing number of young people and families seek out new adventures abroad. In a fantastic forward thinking move, Europe’s largest digital doctor service, Push Doctor has partnered with STA Travel to give policy holders access to video GP consultations with a UK based GP, through insurance provider Allianz Global Assistance.

Eren Ozagir, founder and CEO of Push Doctor explains:

“Falling ill abroad is often more stressful than it needs to be. Indeed, the idea of Push Doctor came as a result of me becoming ill whilst on a business trip in the US and needing expert and timely, medical advice. Despite a wealth of support services available at the tap of an app, online medical assistance did not exist. From not knowing where to go to get appropriate treatment, to language barriers, Push Doctor removes the hassle British explorers’ face when falling ill abroad. We offer fast and efficient access to a UK based GP with 9 out of 10 users getting a resolution in their first consultation.”

The Push Doctor team are committed to not only crushing access barriers to professional care advice but enriching the lives of patients by enabling them to journey hand-in-hand with a doctor throughout the stages in their lives and optimise their personal performance or reach goals quicker, more sustainably and healthier with the help of a doctor. Globe trotters can access the video consultation service from anywhere in the world and the partnership is set to revolutionise the way in which people access healthcare abroad. Policy holders will be able to access a doctor in just six minutes on any mobile device, and the service promises to reduce the stress and expense associated with foreign medical centres.

A Face-to-face GP provides travellers, backpackers and adventure seekers with expert medical advice on anything from bites and stings, to stomach and digestion issues, allowing them to quickly seek a qualified diagnosis and treatment for illnesses and ailments that regularly occur when travelling to foreign countries. Where necessary, patients can also receive prescriptions and referral letters through the service, which can be picked up from a local pharmacy upon return to the UK or receive advice on treatment in their current location. Push Doctor GPs are also able to provide prescriptions (£6.50), fit for work notes (£12.50), and referrals (£12.50), when patients fit the necessary criteria.

Rachel Temperton, Head of Travel and Tourism at Allianz Global Assistance in the UK says:

“This is a truly exciting development in the travel insurance and assistance arena. Holiday-makers and intrepid adventures can book an appointment at a time that suits them, on any mobile device, including smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, and get and instant referral, prescriptions or fit notes. It really is that simple.”

STA Travel’s UK Country Manager Tim Fryer concludes:

“By including Push Doctor within many of our STA Travel Insurance policies, we are transforming how people will expect to receive medical assistance whilst abroad. This new partnership will give travelers true medical peace of mind, enabling them to quickly resole their health concerns and focus on enjoying their travels.”

Push Doctor will be included on most STA travel Insurance policies and will be available for the duration of the policy on hand with a network of over 7,000 friendly and highly skilled GMC-registered UK General Practitioners, via secure video consultations.

For more information, visit or visit the iOS App Store.