Last month, a landmark conference was convened to explore, debate and question the role of women in the business community.

Rather than focussing (as is overwhelmingly common) on the “glass ceiling” for women in the workplace, the Changing The Playing Field Conference was a forum for mid-career women. The delegates and speakers spanned both industry and continents and looked at how women are changing the future of the corporate world and what they can do to ensure success.

Speakers at the conference included internationally renowned Dr Pauline Crawford who works alongside entrepreneurs and corporate professionals, helping to transform micro-enterprise business owners into inspiring leaders of the future and world-renowned and tenacious entrepreneur and yachtswoman Tracy Edwards MBE.

Far from being a feministic free-for-all, the conference, hosted by Voice At The Table, was a demonstration of diversity and inclusion aimed at promoting an adaptable working environment for both women and men by building confidence, changing internal dialogue and challenging assumptions.

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