Those with a creative mind are notoriously selective when it comes to choosing their holes in the walls. The creation of the East End Queen Anne Townhouse by designer David Carter hailed the arrival of an architectural and experiential hotspot. For the many, hotels remain mysterious, so the launch of 40 Winks lifts the curtain and welcomes the world to see behind the so-called green baize door.

The idea of hotels being part of everyday nightlife is an entirely American concept; we Brits find the idea, frankly, weird. But, when in Rome, or Americanised company, a hotel is the new après night spot.

Carter, somewhat of a pioneer with his idea to socialise hotels, is challenging Londoners to broaden their horizons and try something a little different. Henceforth, the hotel is embarking on a myriad of monthly happenings, opening the stylish pad to a wider audience. Bedtime Stories at the 40 Winks guesthouse takes going out to a different level – it’s staying in but not as you know it. Expect teacups brimming with Hendricks gin confections and check your coolness at the door to enter The Land of Nod, a range of performers weave their mischievous magic.

After all, you’re never too old for a bedtime story.