About Clic Digital

Whether you like it or loathe it there's no denying that we've entered a technological age. As a new generation of influencers begin to find their feet we're starting to see a subtle shift in the way we disseminate and digest news content. This is the era of the millennial - switched on young men and women who about to embark on their careers, face new obstacles and challenge what is deemed as the 'norm'. We're here to share thought provoking and occasionally controversial articles that people want to read.

Editor-in-chief – Rebecca Parker

Rebecca's desire to delve into the controversial, and often un-investigated, issues in the news sparked the concept that is now called CLIC-DIGITAL. Born from an avid interest in fashion and its un-resolved topics such as modelling regulations and ethical considerations of fur, Rebecca decided she couldn't be the only one wanting a new outlet that delivers innovative and thought-provoking articles. She has worked tirelessly from CLIC-DIGITAL’S initial inception to seek out breaking industry news to share with readers.

Current affairs editor/sub-editor – Douglas Adams

From movie screens and bionic implants to an lcd in the palm of our hands, Douglas has been captivated by the power of technology to shape our lives. Born in the infamous digital age, Douglas has grown as a millennial with a penchant for peering behind the circuit board and asking contemporary questions about humanity, technology and our ever-evolving and ever-globalised world: is the Internet destroying 'knowledge'? Can artificial intelligence ever mimic a mature human brain? He strives to instil traditional journalistic values in all CLIC DIGITAL’S output and address questions that no one dares to ask.

Culture editor – Daisy Sells

Daisy began her career as a travel PR for a host of travel, lifestyle and charity clients. Since then she has evolved into a strong champion of both PR and journalism – appreciating the nuances of both. She is passionately inquisitive and often questions the world around her, drawing inspiration from all walks of life, whether it is pop-culture, political and social issues or global events. Daisy is unconventional, determined and infuriatingly curious.

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